Living, Dying, Remembering. Mountbatten Hampshire Fundraiser 


We are hosting a special fundraiser for one night only with all proceeds on the night including all drink sales, sauces and books being donated directly to Mountbatten Hampshire, a hospice in Southampton supporting people with life limiting illness.


Shelina will prepare a delicious traditional Mauritian menu which will include a celebratory Mauritian Briani - reserved for special occasions cooked in the traditional way. There will also be a Q&A during desserts where Shelina will share stories of her food journey and answer any burning questions you might have about MasterChef, opening a restaurant and writing cookbooks. When booking please state any specific dietary requirements 


DATE: Wednesday 19th January 2022

LOCATION: Lakaz Maman 22 Bedford Place, SO152DB

TIME: 18:30 - 21:00

TOTAL PRICE £29.95 per person


When you buy this  please make sure you provide the full names of who will be attending and an email address so they can be added to the final list. 


£1 is added on as a shipment cost but this is just a logistic issue with the website making the total price £29.95. These tickets will NOT be delivered as your name will be enough for us to identify you on the night

Shelina & Sharon's Supperclub - Fundraiser