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The General Effects of Emotions

Emotions can directly damage your play and make your opponents play better against you. More specifically, they can cause you to make the following errors:

1. You acquire much less information. You can be so distracted by your feelings that you miss signals, including quite obvious ones.

2. You misinterpret the information you do acquire. You may perceive what you hope or fear, not what is really there.

3. You give away too much information. Your need to express your feelings may make you say and do things that tell opponents how to beat you.

4. You don’t act decisively and effectively. Winning requires cool-headed, decisive actions, but emotions often cause you to act ineffectively. Some emotions (such as fear) make you indecisive. Others (such as anger) cause impulsiveness

5. You show your vulnerability, and your opponents exploit it. Exploiting vulnerability is biologically programmed into our systems. Animals—including humans—automatically attack the weak. For example, if a dog growls, but you stand firm, it normally will not attack. If you run, it will chase and bite you. In fact, even peaceful birds such as chickens will peck a helpless one to death. And children can be extremely cruel to vulnerable playmates.

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