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5 interesting reasons to get an ESA rabbit - 2022 Guide

People usually keep pets in their houses but they do not fall under the category of ESA. To keep an ESA, you have to own an esa letter for housing issued by a licensed psychiatrist. An ESA has the ability to relieve your stress as they are specifically trained for this purpose. Some pets may take little time to understand their new owner but most of them are used to it. They know the difference between their trainer and a person who needs emotional support.

Psychiatrists usually recommend emotional support animals to people who are struggling with their mental health. These are trained pets who help you manage your stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions. The most common ESA is a dog while other pets can also fall in this category. Along with dogs, other pets might include rabbits, cats, ducks, chickens, and pigs.

In the same way, services pets help people with physical disabilities like blind people. They would help them to do their daily chores, for example going to a job or office. Owning an emotional animal can be a little tough because first, you have to own an ESA letter only then you are legally allowed to have such an animal. The letter is a legal and official certificate showing that you do need to have an emotional support animal. Only a licensed mental health professional can issue you such a letter and sometimes your psychiatrist may have this authority.

While dealing with people you should be careful of scammers. That is why it is important for you to verify your letter by yourself. It is important to note that this letter is proof that you have a mental or emotional disability and an emotional animal is part of your treatment. It is important to note down some important attributes that can tell you that your letter is legit. Having a rabbit as an ESA can have multiple benefits. Which i have listed below;

Five interesting reasons to get an ESA rabbit

Rabbits are easy to train

You shall be surprised to know that as compared to other household pets, rabbits are extremely easy to train. It is only because their brain is developed in a way where they do not generate enough neurons to carry extraordinary functions. If you put a litter box beside their cage then they will quickly learn what it means and how to use it. For their slight training, you can also use novel treats it will help you to determine the behavior. In the same way, it is very easy for rabbits to learn how to jump small obstacles.

Rabbits need less space

The normal size of rabbits varies from two inches to a maximum of twelve inches. This small variation occurred throughout their small life span as a newborn rabbit is only two inches. Due to their small size and extremely soft fur, they are easy to cuddle and carry around. If you have children at your house then they can easily play with rabbits in a respectable manner. Due to their small size, rabbits can be kept in small cages that you can carry with you on a picnic or any other family outdoor event.

Rabbits have district personality

You would be surprised to know that as compared to other pets, rabbits develop emotional bonds with their masters. They keenly observe who is feeding and taking care of them. In the long run, they will follow you around the house thus making your life marvelous. After all, who would not like to be followed by a fluffy rabbit. Rabbits are not only interactive, charming, but affectionate too where they also develop an emotional attachment with you. Due to these features, a rabbit can be very playful throughout the day and whenever you are feeling down you can relieve your stress by playing with them.

Rabbits are easy to bond with

Although it is a common attribute that every emotional support animal has, rabbits are known to be slightly distinct in this feature. Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits are easy to bond with their owners because they do not do much throughout the day. They restrict themselves to very few activities and stick themselves to those. The average age of a rabbit is only nine years and it may vary depending upon the species. It means once they have developed affiliations with owners then they will keep their bond throughout their entire lives.

Sometimes an ESA means a specially trained animal while other times it could be a usual pet in a house that works as an emotional support. It means that the only difference is that the owner of an ESA is officially entitled to keep and take their ESA anywhere in the world with them. It is the main reason that an emotional support animal letter often travels with their owners on their overseas trips. Having an ESA does not necessarily mean that a person is experiencing emotional trauma.

Rabbits/Bunnies are quite

It is the most intriguing and prevalent feature of rabbits as unlike dogs and cats they do not make any type of noise. It means if you are living in an enclosed neighborhood then keeping a rabbit would not be a problem for you at all. Your neighbors would not even know that you are keeping rabbits for emotional support. In the same way, if you are a light sleeper then rabbits can be the best pet to have for emotional support. For more information, do visit visit

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