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Drawing animations:Quickly see the results of your design decisions in animated viewports, and seamlessly transition between views. (video: 1:35 min.)User-friendly selection of reference objects:It's now easier than ever to work with reference objects on your drawing. Select and move any part of an object to a new location, and the entire object snaps to it. (video: 0:46 min.)Hyperlink tool:Explore documents, websites, and CAD data quickly and easily with the new hyperlink tool. Drag the cursor to connect the text to a target and create hyperlinks. (video: 0:41 min.)NEW! Design with the new cross-grain stamp, and then bring it into your AutoCAD drawing for fabrication. Once the design is complete, you can send it to a CNC mill to cut it out and get it into production. (video: 1:13 min.)Axes mode:Save time and toggle between 4D and 2D with the new axis mode. Use a different view to control the drawing, and toggle between the drawing and the axis in one click. (video: 1:10 min.)Re-centering the Viewport:Now you can quickly and easily move the view to the origin with a single click of the mouse. (video: 0:50 min.)Cloud Sourcing:Share documents and drawings with your team, securely, and securely. AutoCAD 2023 is integrated with the Autodesk Cloud, a vast repository of CAD, graphics, and content shared by millions of engineers, architects, and designers. (video: 0:54 min.)Drop in commands:An enhanced menu bar lets you access commands without leaving the application. You can access new commands without opening the menu and hover your cursor over the menu icon to quickly access those commands. (video: 0:54 min.)Faster drawing:Draw more efficiently using intelligent line simplification. AutoCAD 2023 makes it easier to draw accurate and precise lines than before. (video: 1:05 min.)Vocabulary:You can help users quickly get started with the new Engineering Vocabulary to reduce training time for users. (video: 0:41 min.)Windows 10:Get the latest version of AutoCAD on Windows 10, plus enhancements and 2be273e24d


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